Falcon Eyes Flag Panels: Lightweight and foldable reflectorscreens!


Foldable Falcon Eyes Flag Panels are lightweight panels with a foldable solid frame. With two simple steps it is possible to fold up the frame and reflectorscreen. These screens are an ideal tool for creating a good light setup.

The Flag Panels are supplied in a carrying case, and are available in various colors in the format 150x200cm.


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Falcon Eyes Ceiling Rail System B-3030C 3×3 m incl. 4 Panthographs

Complete ceiling rail system with 4 pantographs. Ideal for a photo studio. With this ceiling rail system you can place all of your studio flash units at the place and height you desire without stands. Because the lower beams are running on reels you can slide the cross beams to the front and to the back.

The pantographs can easily be moved to the right and to the left and because of the spring system you can position the flash unit at any height you desire. The pantographs are mounted with a universal spigot adapter (like most of the light stands have), so if you have a pantograph, then this will also fit on this system. The flash units are also mounted with a spigot adapter. Almost every flash unit with a tripod mount can be mounted. If your flash unit doesn’t fit, we have several spigot adapters in our assortment so you can use your flash unit with this system.


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Falcon Eyes Video Stand with Video Travel Jib: Professional tool!

boomarmThe Falcon Eyes Video Stand and Travel Jib is suitable for both amateur and professional videographers. The travel jib also known as a crane, mini crane, smartcrane, camera jib or boomarm and makes it possible to film at different heights while maintaining a smooth and stable view.

By mounting the travel jib onto the supplied tripod equipped with a fluid damped pan head, the travel jib can be rotated 360° and moved up and down while filming. The travel jib automatically compensates the upward and downward movements, ensuring the camera remains focused on the subject you are filming.


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Falcon Eyes Studio Flash Set SSK-2250D: Compact and light weight!


The SSK-2250D is a flash unit set which is very suitable for fitting up a small studio and because of its compact size and the light weight it is also very convenient for use on location. You can easily replace the flash tube yourself.

The set is packed in a full color gift box and comes complete with all necessary cables. The set contains 2 flash units, 2 stands, 2 soft boxes (50×70 cm), 2 modelling lamps (50W), 2 flashtubes, 2 synchronisation cables, 2 power cables and a manual (English) so you can start immediately.


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Falcon Eyes CLL-3000CTR (300W): New developed high power LED spotlight!


The Falcon Eyes CLL-3000CTR (300W) is a newly developed high power LED spotlight. The lamp features adjustable color temperature, is dimmable to control, has a DMX512 function and has adjustable focus. The CLL-3000CTR is ideal for film, music video and documentary shooting. But even as the light source in stage performances. The aluminum housing makes the lamp suitable for use in different environment.

The lamp is equipped with a Fresnel lens and as a result, the light beam gradually darkens along the edges.


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