Camera Accessories


Strobist photography and off-camera flashing is a hot topic in the world photography. It is a combination of tools and techniques used by both amateurs and professionals. For amateur photographers, it offers a cost-effective way to gain studio-like results using minimal equipment and common camera flashes.

For professional use, strobist photography is perfect for an ultra-mobile flash studio. You can work without power cables, which is a flexible solution and especially great for outdoor use.

Camera Flash Remote Trigger Set

RF-425DHS-C Remote Trigger Kit
RF-425DHS-C Remote Trigger Kit

The RF-425DHS trigger set contains a transmitter and receiver, for using your cameraflash remotely.

Using this set, you can use a camera flash for very creative off-camera flashing. The receiver holfs your camera flash and fits on most light stands and tripods.

The radio wave signal cannot be blocked by obstacles, as is the case by optical/slave or infrared triggering solutions. It has a working distance of 30 meters.

Flash Bounce Diffusers

Flash Bounce Diffuser
Flash Bounce Diffuser

Falcon Eyes offers a series of excellent quality yet very affordable diffusers fir camera flashes. These omni-bounce style diffusers soften the ligt and distribute it nicely over your subject. It removes harsh reflections and sharp shadows, giving models a more natural look. These diffusers are available for a large number of popular flashes, including but not limited to:

Camera Brackets

Eyes has various brackets, flash shoes, buts and bolts you can used to mount your camera and flash in various ways.

Camera Brackets
Camera Brackets

These brackets can be used for multi-flash purposes, product photography, the use of ring lights and off-camera flashing.

Falcon Eyes FGAK-7 Strobist Kit

FGAK-7 Strobist Accessory Kit

FGAK-7 Strobist Accessory Kit

This insanely popular kit ovvers every thinkable accessory for your camera flash.

Whether you want to disbitute the light over a large surface, or you want to narrow it down to a small beam: the FGAK-7 flash accessory kit has everything you need: a soft box 20x30cm, a set of 6 color filters for the soft box, a snoot, barndoor set, beauty dish, grid and a diffusor ball.

For a detailed explanation of each individual part, see below. Important: a CA-adapter is needed to use this set (see below).


CA-Adapter for FGA-Series Accessories
CA-Adapter for FGA-Series Accessories

Important: for connecting the FGA-series accessories to your camera flash, you need a CA-adapter (e.g. model CA-1A, CA-2A etc.).

There are a multiple adapters available each suitable for a number of popular camera flashes, such as Canon, Nikon, Sony, Metz and others.

Please refer to the Falcon Eyes catalogue to determine which CA-adapter is suitable for your flash.

Falcon Eyes FGAK-5 Strobist Kit

FGAK-5 Strobist Accessory Kit

FGAK-5 Strobist Accessory Kit

The FGAK-5 flash accessory kit is the light version of the FGAK-7.

It contains 5 cool flash accessories: a 20 x 30 cm softbox, a set of 6 color masks for the softbox, a reflector with grid, barndoor set and a bag in which they all fit.

For a detailed explanation of each individual part, see below. Important: a CA-adapter is needed to use this set (see above).

FGA Series FLash Accessories

These are the various strobist products for your camera flash.

FGAK-7 Strobist Accessory Kit

FGAK-7 Strobist Accessory Kit

From left to right, top to bottom:

  • FGA-HC1010**: a reflector combined with a honeycomb. It provides you with a nice bundle of light. Excellent vor a background spot or hairlight.
  • FGA-SB2030S**: a softbox measuring 20 x 30 cm. The inside has a silver surface which reflects the light before sending it forward through the diffusor cloth, providing you with efficient, soft lighting. Perfect for portrait shooting.
  • FGA-BD4**: a barndoor set which lets you precisely control the light: what parts of your scene is lighted and what stays dark. Excellent for shooting with a black background which you want to keep in the dark, for a strong contrast with you model.
  • FGA-CS*: a conical snoot which bundles the light into a narrow beam. You can use this as a spot light, detail light, background spot or hair light.
  • FGA-DB150*: a diffusor ball, which gives you the best light distribution possible. Very usable with interior photography.
  • FGA-SR178W*: a beauty dish, a reflector which is mostly used in portrait shoots. It has a stronger impact than a softbox but softer than direct flashlight.

* this accessory is only included in the FGAK-7
** this accessory is included in both kits