For your photostudio, a good background solution it invaluable! Falcon Eyes has a wide and deep range of backdrops, background cloth, background paper and many accessories for your backgrounds.

Background Paper Rolls

The most widely used background solution is background paper. The rolls are available in 1,38m and 2,75 width. Both version are 11 meters in length. Over 20 colors are available.

Background Paper is lightweight, cost-effective and very versatile. It offers an even , shadow-free background suitable for any situation.


Background Paper Systems

Background Accessories

Brackets FA-024-4, FA-024-3, CBH-3 and B-3W Wall Mount Set

Having a paper roll in your color of choice is one thing, but of course you need a way to hang it in your studio.

B-Reel set


You can use wall brackets such as the FA-024-3 and FA-024-4 as shown above, or a set of brackets for use on light stands (CBH-3). Use an addition B-REEL set and you’re done! One B-REEL set consists of two roll carriers, a chain, and a weight for the chain.

One of the most popular solutions is the B-3W wall mount set, consisting of two FA=-24-3 wall brackets and three B-REEL Kits. Just pick three backgrounds rolls and you have a very versatile background system. You can switch between backgrounds in a matter of seconds. The chain-pull system ensures the rolls sits tightly on it’s carriers.

The B-3W is also available as B-4W, with place for 4 background rolls. And last but not least, there’s also the B-4WE electrical background system with wireless remote control.

SPK-Series Mobile Background Kits

Perfect for a mobile studio or use in your living room. Falcon Eyes has a line of background-systems-in-a-box.

Background Systems

SPK-1W and SPK-3 Background Kits

All systems contain one or more background rolls (1,38m x 11m), one or more B-REEL roll carrier kits and two light stands (max height 250 cm). You can use these stands for your studio flash or daylight equipment as well, if you wish. The available versions are:

  • SPK-1W: one white roll
  • SPK-1Z: one black roll
  • SPK-2: one white roll, one black roll
  • SPK-3: one white roll, one black roll, one chroma blue roll

Background Fantasy Cloth

These background cloths are made from thin, semi-transparent fleece material. They are an inexpensive backdrop solution for amateur photographers. When folded in two, they are non-transparent.

Fantasy Cloth Backgrounds

Fantasy Cloth Backgrounds

They can also be used as a playful accent in the background on top of another background, e.g. a white paper background. These fantasy cloths are available in over 20 colours and are 200 x 300 cm in size.

Cotton Background Cloth

The classic background solution, available in many colors and sizes (270 x 700 cm and 600 x 600 cm). Easy to use and compact for transportation.

Cotton Backgrounds Cloths

Cotton Backgrounds Cloths

These cloths are made of excellent quality cotton and come with a hem at the bottom and the top. Because of this hem the cloth can easily be slid on a tube of the backdrop system. It is also possible to turn the cloth into a curtain. The cloths can’t be compared to the much cheaper fleece cloths, which are much thinner.

Patterned Background Cloth

These heavy quality cotton background cloths are hand made and have a nice pattern on them. There are many variations. They come in 290 x 700 cm.

Patterned Background Cloths

Patterned Background Cloths

The patterned background can provide you with a very atmospheric background for stillf life scenes or fashion shoots. Because they are handmade, each and everyone of them is unique. This means that two cloths of the the same model number can differ slightly from eachother in terms of colouring and pattern.

Background Cloth Support Systems

Falcon Eyes has a series of versatile background support systems. They are primarily designed for use with background cloths, but they can also carry a background paper roll.

Background Systems

B-8510 and B-8210E2 Background Cloth Support Systems

The available supports range from smaller, home-use support systems to higher and wider background supports for use in larger studios.

  • B-808: max. height: 240 cm, max. width: 250 cm, one crossbar
  • B-8510: max. height: 260 cm, max. width: 315 cm, one crossbar
  • B-8210E2: max. height: 250 cm, max. width: 310 cm, two crossbars
  • B-1012: max. height: 300 cm, max. width: 360 cm
  • B-1313: max. height: 390 cm, max. width: 420 cm

Collapsible Background Boards

Collapsible Background Boards

BCP-Series Collapsible Background Boards

A collapsible background board offers a quick and easy eay to set up a background anywhere you want. There are perfect for portrait shoots, school photographers etc.

The BCP-Series background boards are 148 x 200 cm in size and available in white, black, chroma blue, chroma green, grey and brown. There are also three double-sided background boards: white & black, chroma blue & grey, chroma blue & chroma green.

LRB-0378 Background Board Stand

LRB-0378 Stand

The boards have lashes (two on each broad side, one at the top and one at the bottom) for various options. You can use them for fastening.

Use the optional LRB-0378 stand for a perfect, free standing background you can use anywhere.

You can fold these background into a small package which measures only ø60 cm.