Falcon Eyes LED Lamps Sophiez SO-40TD and SO-60TD: Ultra thin!

Falcon Eyes has expanded their Sophiez-series with the SO-40TD and SO-60TD. Both are square shaped. The Sophiez is a modern LED solution, which provides extremely soft light. The individual LEDs are not visible, but instead, one soft light is being produced. The wattage of the SO-40TD is 40 watts and the wattage of the SO-60TD is 60W. The brightness of the light is adjustable with the built-in touchscreen. It is also possible to adjust the color temperature, from 3000K to 5600K.

The Sophiez are great for video recordings in your studio or on location. Even when making portrait photographs, this type of light is being used more and more. The soft, widespread light provides a natural representation of the subject.


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