Flash Accessories

Having great studio flash equipment is one thing, but in most situations you need just that little extra direction to your light, or a soft effect for the best portraits. Falcon Eyes has a wide range of flash and lighting accessories that let you control the light just the way you want!

Falcon Eyes Soft Boxes

Soft Boxes

A softbox produces a wide and soft bundle of light, perfect for portraits, glamour- or fashionshoots and product photograpy. It reduces reflections and spreads the light evenly. You can choose from square soft boxes, rectangular (also called striplights), or octagon softboxes. They are easy to set up and fit on all GN- and TE-series flash units. You can also use them on a wide number of other brands using the adapter rings (speedrings) shown below.

Falcon Eyes Lighting Accessories

Flash Accessories

Just a selection of the accessories you can choose from. From left to light:

  • a beauty dish, used for portrait photos with more contrast than a soft box. It produces photos with a lot of impact
  • a conical snoot, which generates a narrow bundle of light. You can use ot to create a spot light on the backgrounds or for a hair light. A hair light gives just that little extra depth to you portrait photo
  • a grid, available as an accessory for both the beauty dishes and the standard reflectors (which come standard with a number of flashes). It narrows the light bundle to give you more control over the light
  • color filters, to add a playful effect to your studiolights. Use ot on the model or on the background
  • a barndoor set, used to control the direction of the light. The barndoor accessory lets you control which parts of your scene are illuminated and which are not

Even More Lighting Accessories

More Flash Accessories

And that’s not all. These are some less common but very useful lighting accessories for your studio flashes.

  • Take the diffusor ball for example. It’s available in two sizes: FEA-DB300 measures ø300mm whereas the FEA-DB400 has a diameter of ø400mm. It produces a very soft light and the light distribution is second to none. It is widely used by interior photographers.
  • The background reflector FEA-BRT produces a beautiful elliptical light for a color gradient on your photostudio background.
  • Lastly, there’s the FEA-OST optical snoot which comes with 4 metal gobo’s. Use it to project images on the background.

Adapter Rings

These adapter rings, also called speed rings, let you use Falcon Eyes lighting accessories such as soft boxes and snoots on a number of other brands.

Falcon Eyes Adapter Rings

There are rings available for brands such as Bowens, Multiblitz, Linkstar, Hensel, Elinchrom, Profoto, Richter, Broncolor, StudioKing and more.

Here’s how it works:

Snoot with Adapter Ring

The majory of the Falcon Eyes lighting accessories come with an exchangeable adapter ring. This goes for all softboxes, diffusor balls, most conical snoots and all beauty dishes. They come supplied with a Falcon Eyes ring for use on our flash units, which you can take of after loosening two screws. You can then insert an optional adapterring for the brand of your choice.

Flash Umbrellas

Flash Umbrellas

Umbrellas are universal lighting tools that work with all studio flashes, continuous lighting or camera flashes. There are basically three variants:

  • the white, translucent umbrella. This is a flash-through model: the flash is positioned on one side, the model on the other. The umbrella softens the light and distributes it evenly.
  • the reflector umbrella. There are versions with a silver, gold or sunlight layer which provides you with the right kind of light for the job.
  • the softbox umbrella.

As you can see, studio photography is all about playing with light. The right accessories help you a great deal in finding the optimal lighting for your photoshoot.