Product Photography

Due to the increase of online shopping through the opening of web shops, product photography has become ample in providing the consumer with the most accurate representation of the product they see online. There are many ways to make this possible.

Light Tents

LFPB-Series Light Tent with LHK-240 Daylight Set

LFPB-Series Light Tent with LHK-240 Daylight Set

A light tent is a quick and easy way to produce beautiful photos of small products. The tent’s cloth filters and softens the light. The internal reflection in the box makes it look like the light comes from every direction. So the light is distributed evenly over the product.

You can use these light tents with flash lighting or daylight lamps. The background can be white, for immediate use in a webshop environment, or chroma blue, which can easily be removed with chromakey software.

This way, the products “floats” with no background, so you can replace the background with another image or a colour of your liking.

Photo Shooting Tables

Photo tables are the most vertatile option for product photography. You can use two or more lights with light stands, or use various clambs and arms to mount the lights directly to the table.

Product Shooting Tables

The big advantage is that you can place one or two lights under the table’s surface. The light from beneath lights up the table, which eliminated the shadows cast by the object on the table. With a product shooting table, you can also take pictures from different angles quickly, including from the top.

CS-730 Copy Stand

CS-730 Copy Stand

CS-730 Copy Stand

For reproduction of e.g. documents or art, you can use this copy stand. You can ount your camera vertically on the ball head. The camera is adjustable in height.

This stand can be equipped with various light bulbs, such as 28W or 40W spiral lights. These provide you with natural, white, 5500K daylight, perfect for accurate reproductions.

These bulbs are energy efficient and have a light output which is comparable to 140W (28W spiral lamp) or 200W (40W spiral lamp) normal light.

FLC-Series Ring Lights

The FLC-Series ring lights are available in a 28W (comparable to 140W normal light) and 40W (equal to 200W normal light) version.

FLC-28 / FLC-48 Ring Light

FLC-28 / FLC-48 Ring Light

When you use a camera flash (the built-in pop-up flash or a Speedlite no top of the camera) with macro photography, the light is too far above the product. It will make the product cast a sharp shadow. It wraps the light around the product and light is distributed evenly.

RFL-3 Daylight Ring Lamp

The RFL-3 is a powerful ring lamp which you can use around your camera or as a stand alone lighting device.

RFL-3 Ring Light

RFL-3 Ring Light

It features three fluorescent daylight tubes with a total power of 90 Watts, which is comparable to 450 Watts normal light.

FLB Series Photocube

The FLB-Series portable photo cubes are easy to transport and allow you to set up a product photography studio anywhere! There are two opening you can use: one on the front, and one on top. This a allows for a quick product shoot from multiple angles.

FLB-Series Photocube