Studio Flashes

Falcon Eyes has a wide and deep range of studio flash units. There are studio flashes aimed at amateur users, up to high-end studioflashses for the professional user. Almost every flash is available separately as well as part of a studio kit. These kits contain at least two flases, two soft boxes and two light stands. Along with the needed cables and accessories.

These flash kits are particularly interesting since they enable you to do most portrait, glamour, fashion and product shooting right out of the box. For more advanced setups, you can expand them easily with addition flashes, and use these for a hairlight, background lighting and so on.

Below is a short overview of the studio flash series in the Falcon Eyes product programme.

Falcon Eyes TF-Series Professional Flashes

The TF-series are the top studio flashes from Falcon Eyes. They boast an excellent build quality along with alot of features, lots of power and a wide and deep range of accessories.

TF-Series Professional Flashes

TF-Series Professional Flashes

The TF-Series flashes are available from 300 Ws up to 1200 Ws. The TF-Flashes have a beeper, LED for ready-indication, built-in slave unit and a proportionally adjustable modeling lamp which becomes brighter or dimmer when you adjust the flash power setting. The 300 and 400 Ws models have a 150 Watt modeling lamp on board. The 600, 900 and 1200 Ws models are equipped with a 250 Watt modeling lamp.

The body is made of metal alloy for day to day use, and all flashes have a cooling fan built in. These features make them perfect for professional, day to day use!

The flash kits contain two TF-series flashes each, along with two soft boxes (60 x 80 cm) and two very stable light stands (max. height 235 cm). Everything you need to start a professional photo studio!

Falcon Eyes GN-MV-Series Compact Flashes

The GN-MV Series are studioflashes built for the professional photographer on the road. They are sturdy, compact flashes which are an excellent choice for smaller studios, ID photo studios and portrait shooting on location.

GN-MV-Series Compact Flashes

GN-MV-Series Compact Flashes

The flashes from the GN-MV Series are available in a 150 Ws version (GN150MV) and a 300 Ws version (GN300MV). There’s also two kits containing these flashes (GNK-2150MV and GNK-2300MV) containing two flashes, two soft boxes (50 x 70 cm) and two light stands (max height 240 cm).

The GN-MV Compact Studio Flashes have a sturdy metal body, built-in slave unit and a 60 Watt modeling lamp. They are the perfect companion for your mobile portrait shooting studio!

SS-Series Entry-level Studio Flashes

These studio flashes are the most popular flashes in The Netherlands and many other countries. They offer excellent value for money for budding photographers who want to create a studio at home.

SS-Series Entry-level Studio Flashes

SS-Series Entry-level Studio Flashes

The three variants (SS-150D, SS-200D and SS-250D with a flash power of 150, 200 and 250Ws): excellent start in the world of studio photography. The lightweight, compact flash units have a built-in slave sensor and a 50W halogen modeling lamp. The power is steplessly adjustable for just the right amount of light.

They’ll always come in handy, even when you expand to a huge studio. They are excellent as a hair light, rim light or background lighting!

The SS-series flashes are available as kits as well (SSK-2150D, SSK-2200D and SSK-2250D) containing two flashes, two soft boxes (50 x 70 cm) and two light stands (max height 250 cm).

To give your studio photography a flying start, there’s also a very special studio-in-a-box:

The SSK-3150D Complete Home Ministudio

This kit contains an entire studio at an unbeatable price!

  • Three flashes,
  • Two softboxes
  • A complete background system
  • And many accessories!
SSFK-3150B Mini Home Studio

SSFK-3150B Mini Home Studio

This studio-in-a-box brings you three SS-150D studio flashes (150 Ws), two softboxes (50 x 70 cm), three light stands (max. height 240 cm) and many accessories. Included are a RF-DD4 wireless trigger set, four color filers and a conical snoot.

The set also contains a backdrop system consisting of background support system (max. width/height: 213 x 240 cm), with two background cloths (white and black, 200 x 300 cm). All power cables, lights and bulbs are included as well.

You only need a camera and a health dose of creativity to start producing breathtaking studio picture right away! A good start is to use one main light with softbox, a fill light with softbox and the optional third light as a hair light (using the conical snoot) or the color filters to create a playful color effect in the background.

It sounds easy, and with some basic guidelines, it actually IS pretty easy! There are books about studio photograph techniques, and there’s a lot of studio photography tutorials online, as well. But of course, you can also experiment with lighting yourself!