Video Lighting

Falcon Eyes has everyting you need to light your video scenes. These lights provide you with a flicker-free, energy efficient and easy to use continuous lighting system for photo and video purposes. In this section we show you a few highlights from our continuous lighting products.

How to use video lighting equipment

This continuous lighting equipment can be used for video purposes but for photo shoots as well. For photos, the most common solution is to use studio flashes, but continuous lighting can also be used. The benefit is that you can set your camera to “automatic”. The camera’s internal light metering will detect the artificial light as daylight and set the white balance, shutter and aperture accordingly. No need to enter any settings manually, so anyone can use these daylight lamps, even without any knowledge about photography.

ML-40 Light Bulb

The best known form of daylight lamps are the spiral lamps as shown on the left. They emit a neutral, white 5500K light very similar to normal daylight. In contrast to other white lamps, such as common office TL-lights, the white light emitted from these bulbs contain the whole color spectrum. This means that you will not get any haze or strange color effects in darker parts, so the result is as close to real daylight as possible.

These kind of bulbs are very energy efficient. They are about five times more efficient than normal lamps. This means that you can compare the light output of a 40W spiral lamp to that of a 200W normal lamp. They produce very little to no heat at all which makes them perfect for prolonged use. These daylight spiral lamps cannot be steplessly dimmed, however, most of our daylight equipment allows you to turn the lamps on and off indivually which still gives you sufficient control over the amount of light in your scene.


This entry-level, bang-for-your-buck kit consists of two light stands, two lamp sockets, two 40 Watt light bulbs and two 50 x 50 cm soft boxes. The softboxes are quick and easy to setup, as easy as an umbrella! Use it for lighting video scenes up to 9 sqm, portrait and product shootings.


It is our best-selling entry level daylight kit used by amateur photographers, video enthusiasts and professional users alike. It is compact and lightweight and easy to set up, which makes these lights perfect companions for mobile use.


LHD-B628FS Daylight Lamp Unit

More powerful than the LH-ESB5050-lamp units but still very energy efficient. The LHD-B628FS has six 28W bulbs, which give it a light output comparable to 840 Watts.


The lamps can be switched on and off indivudually. The included Softbox softens the light.


LHD-B928FS Daylight Lamp Unit

LHD-B928The LHD-B928FS boasts nine 28W lamps, which gives this unit even a light output comparable to over 1200 Watts!

The lamps can be switched on and off in pairs of two. It comes with a ø80 cm octagon softbox, which you can replace by an optional ø46cm reflector for a stronger light bundle.


FL-Series Daylight Lamp Units

FL-Series Fluorescent Lighting

These fluorescent light units feature 55W lamps which have a light output copmparabel to 250 Watts each. The DFL-554 has four of these lamps, the DFL-556 has six. These very powerful light units are your best option for larger scenes. The included barn doors let you control the light and determine the direction. They bundle the light for more efficiency. A diffusor cloth is included.


QLT-Series Quartz Lamps

The QLT-lamps are a special kind of daylight equipment.

They have a warmer color 291002_1temperature (3200K, instead of regular 5500K). The light is more yellow-ish and comparable to direct sunlight.

The QLT-1000 has a light output is 1000 Watts. These lamps feature stepless power control. They become quite hot, however, so a little caution is in order when using them.  The QLT-1000 has a bayonet connection for accessories so you can use it with a softbox. Be sure to buy the right kind of softbox (e.g. Falcon Eyes SBQ-series) which allow the heat to disperse correctly. The SBQ-series softbox have a flap on the backside that can be opened for better airflow.


DVR-240D LED Ring Lamp

This new kit gives you all advantages of modern LED lighting, in the form of a ring light for shadow free video closeups or product shoots.


The 240 LED’s in this unit produce neutral, 5500K light. The light output is steplessly adjustable. It comes with a battery unit, charger, carrying bag and an orange color filter (not shown above) which alters the light temperature to a warmer 3200K. The battery unit allows the use of penlite batteries, but you can also use two 7,2 Li-ion batteries (optional).

By shooting your photo or video through the ring, you can light your scene very evenly which reduces shadows around the object.


DV-Series Camera Lights

Falcon Eyes has a LED light unit that you can use on your camera. It is the Falcon Eyes DV-96VK2.


The DV-96 LED unit has 96 LEDs and features stepless power control. DV-60K ConnectableThe LED lamp comes with a Li-Ion battery, charger and camera bracket. The LED lamp emit a surprisingly bright light which has a functional range of about 3 to 4 meters. Using the white filter you can create a more soft lighting. When you use the orange filter, you can create a warmer, 3200K colortone effect.

MSW-2A450 Magic ArmYou can use two or more DV-lights together to create a bigger camera light unit.

Using one of our many available camera accessories, such as brackets, you can control the light just the way you want. In the picture shown on the right, a MSW-2A450 magic Arm is used.

This arm allows for very precise directional control of the light. This comes in handy for closeups, where normally, a camera flash or light would throw it’s light over the subject.


LP-D1000U LED Panel


With it’s 1000 bright white LEDs, the LP-D1000U LED Panel is a powerful yet very energy efficient (power consumption only 62 Watts) continuous lighting solution for your studio.

The barn doorns give you directional control over the light and it’s reflecting surfaces enable you to create a powerful bundle of light.

This light unit produces very little heat, so this unit is perfect for smaller studios or use in confined spaces.