Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilisator VST-06-S: Light weight!

Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilisator VST-06-S

The Falcon Eyes Camera Stabilisator VST-06-S is a light weight stabilizer, which is suitable for small or light cameras. The carbon fibre structure reduces weight of the stabilizer and is more durable because of that. A precise 3-axis gimbal helps to maximize the stability and effective controlling. Fully extended the length is 40”, the collapsed length of 35” which is very convenient to carry.


The VST-06-S has an adjustable base plate and a quick release, with lock system. The quick release plate can be installed and released easily from the base plate and allows the photographer to switch quickly in different environments. The handle is applied with anti-slip and comfortable design, which would be comfortable, even holding for a long time.
There is a counterweight adapter located at the bottom of the stabilizer, which allows the user to add a maximum of 3 counter weight legs onto the stabilizer. When all three counter weight legs have been installed, it transforms to a small tripod, allowing the stabilizer to be able to stand stable on flat surface.

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