Falcon Eyes LED Light Stick Saber 3 with Ring Lamp


The Falcon Eyes LED Light Stick Saber 3 includes not only a LED Light stick, but also a LED ring lamp. The Saber 3 Light Stick is light-weight and stepless adjustable in light power. The Light Stick consists of 88 LED lights that together produce 15W power. The maximum working time of the Saber 3 is ~1,5 hours. Using the rotating filter you can switch between warm light (3200K) and daylight (5600K). The lamp, with a CRI value of 95, shines at an angle of 100 degrees.

DVR-112V LED Ring Lamp

The DVR-112V LED lamp is ideal for portrait photography and illuminating small and larger areas in photography or videography. With 112 LEDs this ring lamp produces 15W of power with a color temperature of 5600K (daylight). The lamp is powered by the SA3B, which also serves as a power source for the Saber 3 Light Stick.

SA3-B Battery

The supplied SA3-B battery can also be used to charge your phone or camera, by using a USB cable.


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